Migrate to Germany, study free in a high standard University

Migrate to Germany, study free in a high standard University

Migrate to Germany through Free University Education (Source: KCR CONSULTANTS)

Higher Education in Germany

Germany, the land of revolutionary inventions; Automobile, the airbag, X-ray technology, Aspirin, the computer, the chip card and the MP3 data compression format and many more has almost 70 Nobel laureates in the natural sciences and medicine alone. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, Robert Koch, Max Planck, Albert Einstein, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard and Harald zurHausen are some of those great scholars Germany had given to the world of science and medicine.

THE UNIQUE GERMAN HIGHER EDUCATION – Choosing Germany to study further is the first step towards  achieving your goal of getting highly qualified, internationally. Students are allowed to choose electives as per their interest and choice while on a degree programme. Number of electives in a semester or subjects are not fixed, as the core point would be the total credits achieved at the end of the studies for a degree. It’s equally applicable to students in undergraduate as well as graduate studies. ‚You frame out your study plans, yourself ‚!
Foreign young students are invited from all over the world as Germany needs more skilled and educated people to maintain their mass production, huge exports, continues innovation and researches, and the technological and engineering leadership.
Bachelor degree – Students from countries like India can choose to start, directly with a foundation course of two semester at a Studienkolleg which leads to the bachelor degree course in a public university without paying any tuition fees, or start with 4 months German, to two semester foundation course and then to the Bachelor“s degree course.
Those who have achieved at least 50% marks in all subjects in the higher secondary school education examination (12th grade) are eligible to study in a German University.

Those who have scored at least 50% in all the subjects in their Bachelor’s degree are accepted to Master degree studies, that too without any tuition fees for the entire duration of the degree course.

You Can Choose Where To Get Education

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